Releasit COD Form & Upsells Makeover: A Peek into Our New and Improved Design

Releasit COD Form & Upsells Makeover: A Peek into Our New and Improved Design
If you don’t already know about this, let us introduce you to a new and improved design of our Releasit COD Form & Upsells app! This update brings a fresh, modern interface designed to enhance usability and improve your experience.

Key Design Improvements:


  • Sleek, Modern Aesthetics: Enjoy a cleaner, more visually appealing layout that makes every interaction pleasant.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Navigate through the app with greater ease and efficiency, reducing the time spent on routine tasks.

  • Streamlined Features: Access essential tools more quickly with our intuitive design, enabling you to manage your store more effectively.

Just to let you get a full picture, here are some of the changes presented in a more visual way:


  • Dashboard



  • Form Designer


  • Settings & Integrations



  • Chat With Support



  • Billing Plans



How the New Design Enhances Functionality?


Our goal with this update is to provide you with a tool that not only looks great but also works smarter. The new interface simplifies complex processes, allowing you to focus on what matters most—growing your business. The cleaner layout helps in quickly identifying and utilizing key features, minimizing the learning curve for new users.

Benefits of the New Design


  • Improved Productivity: With a more intuitive interface, you can perform tasks faster and with fewer clicks.

  • Better Visuals: A more modern look that aligns with current design trends, making your workspace more enjoyable.

  • User-Centered Design: Every aspect of the update is aimed at enhancing your interaction with the app, making it more responsive and user-friendly.


Experience the New Design Today!


We invite you to explore the redesigned Releasit COD Form & Upsells app and see how it can elevate your Shopify store’s functionality. Your feedback has been crucial in shaping these improvements, and we look forward to hearing how the new design enhances your workflow.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback!